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UL Releases Google Pay Acceptance Test Plan for Transit Systems


UL, a leading global safety science company, announced today the upgrade of the Google Pay Module in the UL Brand Test Tool that now includes a test plan for payment acceptance in transit systems... Keep reading

UL’s expanded Cybersecurity Center Of Excellence is the only facility in Asia Pacific to test for Common Criteria and EMVCo


UL, a leading global safety science company, today announced that it has expanded its Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Singapore.... Keep reading

Council to Secure the Digital Economy Releases New Reports on Cyber Crisis Response and IoT Security


UL together with leading international communications and information technology enterprises outline coordinated response to address international security standards for IoT devices.... Keep reading

UL Security Evaluation Leads to Soft Space Achieving World First PCI SSC SPoC Approval


Pioneering Malaysia-based fintech receives world's first Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council approval for a Software-based PIN on COTS solution... Keep reading

The 2nd mDL Prototype Interoperability Party is coming!


The ISO 18013-5 mDL standard defines interface specifications for the implementation of a mobile driver’s license (mDL). The implementation.... Keep reading

Major Consolidation of UL’s Services in Basingstoke marks the next stage in UL’s U.K. growth story


Consolidation offers total service solutions and enables faster market access at UL’s largest commercial test laboratory in the United Kingdom... Keep reading

IoT Cybersecurity Survey


Together with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) IoT Working Group, UL is seeking inputs from industry on the state and value of IoT cybersecurity. ... Keep reading

UL brings identity on the go


There's an app for almost everything these days, whether it's shopping, tracking your exercise or finding your way. Now driver's licenses are making the transition from a card to a digital application on your mobile phone; a mobile driver license (mDL). ... Keep reading

UL to advance Google Pay transactions acceptance


UL is proud to announce, in partnership with Google, the release of the UL Brand Test Tool (BTT) Google Pay Module, to help ensure seamless acceptance of Google Pay transactions ... Keep reading

End to End 3DS Testing - UL becomes the first approved security laboratory to evaluate PCI 3DS SDK


The PCI 3-D Secure Software Development Kit (3DS SDK) supports the EMV® 3-D Secure-SDK Specification, which defines the EMV 3DS requirements for entities developing 3DS Software Development Kits (SDK) for use in mobile-based 3DS transactions ... keep reading

UL at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Summit: NextGen Digital Security


On Thursday, October 11, 2018 the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will host Cybersecurity Summit: NextGen Digital Security, powered by FICO. As the leading cybersecurity forum in the nation’s capital, renowned experts will dive into a range of topics including automation and skills gaps, financial sector cybersecurity, incident reporting, a live hack ... keep reading

UL becomes an Amazon-approved lab for performing security assessments of Alexa-enabled devices


In less than 5 years, the global smart speaker market is expected to reach 11.8 billion. The growth of this market is driven by rapid proliferation of multifunctional devices, the growing trend of personalization, rising disposable income, and most ... keep reading

FAQs & Webinar Recording - Biometric Cards: Security Issues and Preventive Measures


UL’s Lin Chee Kheong and Marthinus Hadipranoto explored some of the potential security issues arising from the usage of biometric cards for payments, and proposed preventive measures to secure these cards during a recent webinar ... keep reading

UL launches Self-Test Platform to accelerate EMV® 3-D Secure adoption


UL to facilitate market adoption of 3-D Secure with an enhanced version of UL’s Self-Test Platform that streamlines the process of testing and approval of 3-D Secure components by making it scalable, user-friendly and web-based... keep reading

UL approved as a Cyber Security Service Provider for SWIFT


UL is proud to be approved as a cyber security service provider for SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP). With this approval, UL is prepared to help address cyber security challenges with financial institutions and help them comply with the mandatory controls..... keep reading

PCI SSC Executive Committee selects UL to be part of Global Executive Assessor Roundtable


Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) today announced UL to be part of the Global Executive Assessor Roundtable -- to provide advice, feedback and guidance to the PCI SSC on the issues and concerns relating to assessments and assessor programs, representing the perspectives of the PCI assessor community..... keep reading

UL releases second generation of the UL Smart Tachograph Personalization Validation Tool


UL is proud to announce the launch  of the Smart Tachograph Card Personalization Validation Tool.... keep reading

UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite qualified by Gemalto 


UL is proud to announce that its latest PURE Card Functional Test Suite is now formally qualified by Gemalto assisting card vendors to validate their product according to the Gemalto PURE certification requirements.... keep reading

Visa qualifies UL Cloud-Based Functional Test Suite


UL is proud to release a new version of its Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite. By providing over 280 test cases to test cloud-based payment implementations, the tool helps to ensure the quality of tokenized payments running on a Visa payWave mobile payment application. This tool is officially approved by Visa... keep reading

European Commission and UL collaborate to empower trust in the next generation Smart Tachograph system


The Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, and UL, center of excellence in identity management and security, are proud to announce the successful go-live of the European Root Certification Authority (ERCA), marking successful collaboration to safeguard the digital security of the next generation Smart Tachograph... keep reading

FAQs & Webinar Recording for 'PCI PIN on COTS - The Changing Face of POS'


Andrew Jamieson recently hosted a webinar on the new PCI PIN on COTS standard and here're all the questions that were asked during the webinar. If you missed it or would like to view the webinar again, watch it on demand here ... keep reading

FAQS & Webinar Recording for 'EMV 3-D Secure 2.0 - Enhancing Security & User Experience in eCommerce'


Vinicus Mesquita recently hosted a webinar on the above topic and here are all the questions that were asked during the webinar. If you missed it, or simply want to view it again, access the video recording here.. keep reading

What is Require to Use EMV as a Token in Transit?


Exploring the customer journey for EMV as a token and the business and technical decisions that must be made in order to grow this concept to a commercial implementation. Keep reading

UL Receives Discover® Global Network Accreditation as a D-PAS Consulting Service Provider


UL is pleased to announce that it has recently become accredited for Discover® Global Network D-PAS Consulting Service Provider Program. The program enables Discover clients and partners to obtain strategic guidance and support from accredited industry experts. Keep reading

The Wild West of Mobile Security


Security breaches and cyber-attack are big news. Organisations that hit the headlines take a long time to recover. Yet, 95% of Banking Applications lack the security required. With increased pressure on banks to ensure that they Know Their Customer and GDPR looming on the horizon, this is a topic that should be high priority at every bank. Keep reading

UL Releases Functional Consumer EUICC and EUICC Profile Compliance Test Suites Qualified by GlobalPlatform


UL announces that the functional consumer eUICC and eUICC profile compliance test suites have been officially qualified by GlobalPlatform. Keep reading

FAQs Around the EMV Migration for AFDS


UL recently hosted a webinar about the EMV liability shift at the fuel pump and collected the most frequently asked questions. Read the answers below and view the recording of our webinar! Keep reading

UL Accredited by MASTERCARD to Perform CPV Certifications for MASTERCARD Cloud-Based Payments Solutions


UL is proud to announce that Mastercard has accredited UL to provide formal approval CPV services for Mastercard Cloud-Based Payments (MCBP) solutions. Keep reading

FAQs - The Wild West of Mobile Security 


UL recently hosted a webinar about this topic and collected the most frequently asked questions. Read the answers below and view the recording of our webinar! Keep reading

New White Paper: HCE Security Implications


Analyzing the security aspects of HCE. Keep reading

New White Paper: Implementing Smart Point of Sale(SMARTPOS) Devices


Insights from technologies to application marketplaces. Keep reading

Payments Transformation; What's Next?


Join UL's webinar on 'Payments Transformation; what’s next?' December 12 from 16:00 pm - 17:00 pm (CET) Keep reading

Join UL's Webinar on PCI DSS V3.2 - Looking Ahead to 2018


Register now for our complimentary webinar on 7th Dec 2017, in various timings across Asia Pacific. Keep reading

Join UL's Webinar on the Wild West of Mobile Security


On the 14th of December, UL is hosting a webinar on the Wild West of Mobile Security from 11:00am - 12:-00pm (CET) Keep reading

Are you Playing Host this Christmas?


8 tips on how to be a great host ... Keep reading

EMV in Transit - Open Loop Ticketing


Using your bank card in public transport... Keep reading

FAQs Around Mobile Payments: Mitigating Risks and Reducing Fraud


UL recently hosted a webinar about this topic and collected the most frequently asked questions. Read the answers below! Keep reading

UL's Webinar on 'Testing M2M and Consumer RSP Beyond the Specifications'


GSMA has worked hard alongside the test tool vendors to create test specifications to test and certify all components in the M2M and the Consumer RSP ecosystem. Keep reading

The Wild West of Mobile Banking Needs to be Tamed


New research by UL and Inside Secure shows that the industry is a long way from safe, predictable online banking - a wake up call for the industry. Keep reading

UPDATE: UL Singapore Fully Accredited by EMVco to Perform Platform and ICC Products Security Evaluations


UL is pleased to announce its Singapore-based security laboratory is now fully accredited by EMVCo to perform security evaluations for Platform and ICC products. Keep reading

UL Launches Web Based Host Test Tool (WHTT)


UL launches a new web-based host testing platform to help companies ensure quality, performance and reliability of their host systems, while achieving multiple levels of validation with their payment platforms. Keep reading

UL supports RDW & AAMVA for the international standardization of mobile driver licenses


UL is proud to have contributed to the mobile Driver License Proof of Concept, supporting RDW and AAMVA in their efforts to realize international standardization of the mobile Driver License. Today, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) announced ... Keep reading