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MEPS MCCS Card Type Approval

This is a MEPS card type approval process that uses Gemalto's PURE payment technology

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The Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) adopted Gemalto's PURE payment technology for their local payment products.

MEPS has defined the MCCS (Malaysian Chip Card Specification) Card Type Approval (CTA) in order to provide a cost-effective option for implementing robust payment products, for vendors looking to enter the Malaysian payment market.

MCCS Card Type Approval shall be performed by accredited laboratories, like UL, and includes card functional evaluation to ensure the card products are compliant with PURE card contact and contactless specifications and MCCS requirements.

Services include:

  • MCCS Card Functional Debug and Type Approval Services
  • MCCS Contactless Acceptance Device Type Approval
  • MCCS Card Personalization Validation