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Mastercard (M-TIP) Formal Approval Services (FAS)

Ensures the quality of the implementation contactless MasterCard EMV products on a payment device

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Automation & Support

Besides MasterCard M-TIP test execution, UL provides M-TIP Formal Approval Services (FAS) on behalf of MasterCard. 

MasterCard imposes acquirers introducing a new terminal to go through Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) Formal Approval Services of MasterCard. This MasterCard Certification Process process is required for acquirers to obtain an approval, i.e. Letter of Approval (LoA), indicating that the POS terminal, ATM, bank branch terminal, CAT3 terminal or mPOS terminal is MasterCard approved.

M-TIP checks for each terminal application (Contactless Mag-Stripe, Contactless M/Chip and EMV contact) that:

  • The acquirer has selected a terminal compatible with their requirements
  • The terminal received by the acquirer is still “in line” with the approved kernels
  • MasterCard requirements and Brand settings are correct
  • Each terminal application is tested, once integrated in the environment in which it will be used

UL can take care of all these requirements for your payment terminals. One partner to support you, one time to explain your activities and one clear contact point for your MasterCard certification. Besides, UL supports you through the entire M-TIP Formal Approval Process.