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Mastercard Card Personalization Validation (CPV)

Mastercard (CPV) makes sure the settings comply with Mastercard's brand specifications

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Compliant & Personalization Validation

Mastercard Card Personalization Validation (CPV) makes sure the settings of all payment card products comply with Mastercard's brand specifications.

All Mastercard issuers must ensure that their card products perform Mastercard chip transactions in line with Mastercard's rules and specifications. 

The goal of CPV is to ensure that every chip device bearing a Mastercard application complies with the latest Mastercard card personalization requirements, and will be correctly accepted in payment acceptance devices. 

Key Benefits

  • UL is officially accredited to deliver formal CPV validation services on behalf of Mastercard. 
  • Mastercard formal validation process, UL provides development testing and personal profile definition services for issuers and other organizations that need to comply with these Mastercard requirements.