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Visa qualifies UL Cloud-Based Functional Test Suite

UL is proud to release a new version of its Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite. By providing over 280 test cases to test cloud-based payment implementations, the tool helps to ensure the quality of tokenized payments running on a Visa payWave mobile payment application. This tool is officially approved by Visa.

Contactless payment technology and applications continue to advance with increasing market demand. Backed by our extensive expertise in payment and mobile compliance test tools, UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites provide a trusted, state-of-the-art testing tool to help customer payment applications meet the latest requirements for market success.

UL’s Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite implements the redefined Visa Cloud-based Payments Contactless Specification (VCPCS v1.8.1) through Visa’s related cloud-based test plan. This functional test tool helps Visa card issuers and 3rd party mobile application developers in testing and approval of their Visa payWave mobile payment applications implemented as an HCE compatible mobile application.

“By updating the Visa Cloud-based Functional test Suite, we are answering to the ever-increasing adoption rate of consumers, vendors and retailers to perform contactless payments via mobile devices and handsets. We are proud to provide a fully automated test execution solution which allows our customers to test against Visa’s latest specifications,” said Ibrahim en-Nali, Technology Director at UL.

The Visa Cloud-based Functional Test Suite aims to support our customers to ensure quality of their Visa cloud-based payment products easier. This tool can be used for self-approval by Cloud-based payment application developers, as part of the Visa Ready Program.

Our extensive experience in the payment domain and understanding of the product development process, makes UL a trusted partner for cloud-based payment application testing and certification. UL provides trusted security solutions, which enable our customers to implement resilient measures that guarantee compliance, maintain customer trust and increase market access in a cashless world.