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UL Web Host Test Tool

Comprehensive test tool for testing EMV transaction processing hosts & switches

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User-friendly, web-based solution for payment host testing

UL Web Host Test Tool (wHTT) is the most complete host and API test solution for acquirers, issuers, payment schemes, and processors that combines UL’s payment test engine with excellent user experience and test intelligence features. It is the perfect platform for anyone looking for a user-friendly, scalable, and web-based solution for payment host testing.

Acquirer or Issuer host implementations are complex and require continuous and adaptable testing. Host testing and certification is required prior to partner on-boarding and before rollout to production. UL Web Host Test Tool is engineered to simplify complex testing processes and operations. By testing multiple components in the payment infrastructure through simulation and automation, UL Web Host Test Tool can help you identify issues earlier and adapt faster.

UL Web Host Test Tool includes a complete set of modules for payment host testing. Any payment host relies on external systems, which require either connectivity to other active components or a way to simulate them. UL Web Host Test Tool comes with multiple simulation modules to maximize test coverage and remove dependencies on different interfaces.