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UL Visa VMCPS Functional Test Suite

Comply your Visa mobile payment application according to the Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification


Faster-to-market & Secure

Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification (VMCPS) is Visa’s effort in achieving a solution to obtain global interoperability for mobile secure element applications. It uses the security features from EMV and VCPS, but is specifically designed for supporting payment applications on mobile handsets. It is essential to meet the functional requirement specified by Visa to achieve global interoperability.
Card vendors and card issuers can use the UL Visa VMCPS Functional Test Suite to perform a pre-certification on their VMCPS payment products. Pre-certification means that the smart card conforms to all requirements in the VMCPS specification, and should not encounter any problems during approval by Visa International.
With excellent coverage of Visa Mobile Payment Specification, this test suite is a must-have for those parties who wish to ensure chip functional certification of their VMCPS payment products targeted for mobile secure element applications.

Key benefits

  • Shorten your development cycle
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Clear and easily understandable issue reporting
  • Perform high quality pre-certification self-testing
  • Up-to-date with the latest payment scheme specifications
  • Backed by UL’s extensive expertise in payment and mobile compliance test tools
  • Ensure high level of compliance and interoperability
  • Operating on state-of-the-art UL Conclusion Test Manager