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Make or Buy a 3DS Component?

EMV 3DSThe decision to make or buy software has always been a difficult one, as each approach has both advantages and disadvantages. This holds true for those making or buying a EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) component, especially since the new version of 3DS may improve conversion rates for online purchases... keep reading

Do You Support Contactless Payments Already? [New Mandates]

VisaMillions of shops around the globe accept contactless payments nowadays. Tap with your card or smartphone, use your watch, ring, wristband, or convenient device - you name it.. keep reading

Recapping Money20/20 Europe 2018

UL Team Money2020Last week UL attended Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, bringing together key leading experts from across the world of FinTech to share market insight and explore new opportunities that may change the world of finance... keep reading 

Is there a future for in-store cryptocurrency payments?

CryptocurrencyBlockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are rapidly changing the landscape of many industries, as evidenced by the surge of interest seen in 2017 that continues to skyrocket.... keep reading

EMV 3-D Secure - Enhancing Security and User Experience in e-commerce

EMV 3-D Secure - Enhancing Security and User Experience in e-commerceEMV® 3-D Secure is the next generation of the industry standard 3-D Secure (3DS) online authentication for use with electronic commerce payment. Owned and managed by EMVCo, the final version of 3DS Specifications was released on October 2017 and is licensed for use to 3rd parties to develop products based on these specifications...keep reading

Upgrading your cyber resilience strategy

Upgrading your cyber resilience strategyThe digital era has brought us so much; streamlined shopping, more convenient payment means, and AI that can switch on your favorite Netflix series at your command. The downside of these innovations is the risk of cybercrime... keep reading

Testing M2M and Consumer RSP beyond the specifications [infographic]

m2m consumer blog post testing mobile specificationsWhy do we need to test M2M and Consumer RSP entities beyond the specifications? Why do it, as it could entail a lot of extra effort? Let’s be honest nobody likes to spend a lot on their testing needs and budgets a frequently quite tight... keep reading

'One Button Checkout': Where does it fit in the world of online payments?

One button checkoutTwo of the leading payment schemes recently made headlines by announcing their intent to do away with their proprietary online “checkout buttons” and instead combine their online checkout solutions into one single button... keep reading


Automated Border Control in Airports

UL digital identity solutions

Most people don’t usually associate passport control in airports with a fast and pleasant experience, but this is exactly what Automated Border Control (ABC) aims to achieve. An intuitive, user-friendly design of ABC eGates and kiosks helps to speed up lines and create a seamless experience for traveling passengers... keep reading


EID Proofing Applications Are Mandatory For Accurate Identity Verification - But Can They Be Trusted?

UL digital driver licenseID proofing systems which use electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs) such as ePassports, electronic identification documents (eIDs) and electronic residence permit documents are systems that banks depend on for ensuring the correct identification of customers making transactions... keep reading

Secure Card Reader: PIN

UL PIN on CoTSJust last week (9th March, 2018) PCI released the latest version of their PIN Transaction Security (PTS) standard.  This standard covers the security of ‘traditional’ PIN entry terminals, card readers, Unattended Payment Terminals, Encrypting PINPads (EPPs), as well as ‘non-PIN’ terminals... keep reading

PCI PIN On COTS - Changing The Paradigm For PIN Acceptance

UL PIN readerJust this month (Jan 2018) PCI released the security requirements for their new standard – Software PIN on COTS. But what is this standard?  Does it affect you, or how you do business?  What exactly is a ‘COTS’ anyway?  In this blog post I will try to break down some of these questions, as well as some others that may be raised in light of this new standard... keep reading