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UL Secure IoT Component Qualification

Demonstrate component security to IoT product manufacturers

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Third-party components can help benefit security of IoT products

Many IoT products rely on security capabilities offered by embedded third-party components, such as hardware chipsets for secure data storage or software components for secure communications. With the UL Secure IoT Component Qualification solution, this third-party assessment can help demonstrate that components incorporate industry best practices for IoT cybersecurity and can benefit the security of IoT manufacturer’s products.

With the UL Secure IoT Component Qualification solution, third-party IoT product components are evaluated against security capabilities of the UL IoT Security Rating framework, a security claim verification and labeling solution for consumer IoT products. That UL security assessment determines which capabilities and security level the component can achieve and in addition, which key security capabilities the component can also help support product manufacturers for compliance. 

Utilizing a secure component which supports key security capabilities at the product level helps streamline a path for product manufacturers to help ensure connected product security and obtain a UL IoT Security Rating.

With decades of cybersecurity experience and a growing IoT security practice, UL is able to help support component makers in validating their security value to IoT product manufacturers.

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