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UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite qualified by Gemalto

UL is proud to announce that its latest PURE Card Functional Test Suite is now formally qualified by Gemalto assisting card vendors to validate their product according to the Gemalto PURE certification requirements.

The UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite is based on the Gemalto PURE functional test specifications. PURE is a white label EMV offering for the payment industry, for both chip-based payment cards and mobile payment solutions. IC Card vendors and domestic schemes building their payment products in Gemalto PURE white label technology will be able to use the UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite to verify all functions of the PURE application according to the latest 2.4 version of the PURE Card test plans. ”

Ibrahim en-Nali, Technology Director at UL states: ‘‘We are pleased to keep extending and updating our product portfolio, keeping pace with customer demands and market drivers. Our PURE Functional Test Suites help domestic schemes, terminal and card vendors to implement Gemalto PURE based EMV compliant payment products and identify whether all requirements are properly implemented prior to certification. Ultimately, this will support our customers in reducing time to market.’’

In addition to the test suite, UL offers Gemalto PURE Type approval services to certify payment kernels and readers and IC Cards to the latest Gemalto Pure specifications. As the leading security authority, UL proactively works with businesses to rethink security and help them to navigate through the technological advances and regulatory concerns and compliance requirements.