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UL Mobile Test Center

Testing mobile solutions for different applications; payment, transit through UL’s Mobile Test Center

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Interoperable & Customizable

The process of testing mobile solutions for different applications; payment, transit, eHealth, can now be performed in a smoother, simpler and more efficient way through UL’s Mobile Test Center.

The main goal of UL’s Mobile Test Center (MTC) is to evaluate the interoperability, performance, and coexistence of your mobile solution against a reference bench of representative products which can be customized according to your testing needs. 

NFC handsets, wearables, secure elements in different formats or mobile applications are some of the implementations that can be exercised in our Mobile Test Center.

Besides, we evaluate the coexistence of similar solutions within the implementation under test, for instance, secure element and HCE technologies available in the same device or between different mobile wallet applications installed.

Key Benefits

  • Our MTC services represent an additional testing offering that can bridge the gap between the existing industry certifications and the real world and can be done at any time during the development, integration, production and deployment of your mobile solution. 
  • Evaluation of the contactless connectivity and functional interoperability between the mobile implementation under test and the reference test bench.
  • Ensuring your NFC device works with other representative devices in the field and preventing interoperability issues.