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UL Mobile Spy

Comprehensive and easy-to-use

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Flexible & intuitive

UL Mobile Spy is essential for anyone in the mobile industry that needs to analyze the communication between mobile handsets and SIM/USIM cards or between M2M and Consumer RSP devices and eUICC.

UL Mobile Spy is an easy-to-use tool that translates and visualizes communication between handsets and SIM/USIM cards or contactless readers or M2M or Consumer RSP devices and eUICCs. It is a flexible and intuitive tool, providing the most complete translation available in the market today. The various views in UL Mobile Spy make troubleshooting fast and easy. Its in-built inspections even automatically help pinpoint problems.

UL Mobile Spy supports and translates ISO, GSM, 3G, CDMA, RFM/RAM over CAT_TP and SMS, HTTPS, SWP/HCI, Contactless/ NFC, MIFARE, GSMA eUICC, GlobalPlatform, and Mobile Payments standards. The core tool provides a basic ISO 7816 command translator with decoding of the T=0 and T=1 protocols over the ISO 7816 interface. It also includes several basic searches and a number of powerful core features such as translations, searches, filters, inspections and timeline. The translation modules each add a number of new searches, filters and inspections for a specific protocol when included in UL Mobile Spy.