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UL Mobile Card Test Platform

The platform for testing applications on a UICC: the behavior, the data stored in files and the protocol handling

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Powerful and flexible scripting abilities

UL Mobile Card Test Platform is the most advanced test tool for any UICC, eUICC, USIM, and SIM application developer or tester that wants to have a stable environment in which repeatable tests can be performed.

With UL Mobile Card Test Platform, you can test your UICC, eUICC, USIM or SIM under development by simulating a mobile phone or M2M device. The simulation’s behavior can be controlled and predicted. UL Mobile Card Test Platform enables you to check whether a card responds as specified and expected in all possible scenarios before releasing it.

The UL Mobile Card Test Platform offers you a means to simulate a mobile phone or a GSMA Subscription Manager and M2M device. It enables writing test scripts, running these scripts and creating clear and concise test certificates to provide a reliable audit trail. UL also offers UL Mobile Card Test Suites. These off-the-shelf, stand-alone card test suites are an efficient way of validating a card against the relevant 3GPP specifications.