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UL M2M Server Simulator

Quickly verify and evaluate interoperability between profiles, handsets and eSIMs

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Eliminates the need for a real SM-DP and SM-SR for testing

UL M2M Server Simulator is essential for anyone in the mobile industry that wants to load eSIM profiles onto M2M IoT devices or need to determine a root cause for eSIM profile interoperability, but does not have a real SM-DP and SM-SR.

UL M2M Server Simulator loads eSIM profiles onto M2M IoTdevices to verify that the device and the eUICC are interoperable compatible with the eSIM profile. It allows customers to quickly determine if there are issues with the device, the eSIM or the actual eSIM profile itself.

UL M2M Server Simulator is an SM-DP and SM-SR simulator providing support for functions on GSMA ES5 and ES8 interfaces. ES3 is used internally by the tool but not exposed to the end user. The tool provides a configurable set-up to load the SIMalliance profile with your own custom DP.ECDSA and SR.ECDSA certificates and keys, or with test certificates and keys used in SGP.11. It also provides a templating engine that allows a profile template (or “dummy profile”) to be provided as input, and for an actual profile including the metadata to be output, containing specific values particular to each profile
subscription, e.g. EF_ICCID, EF_IMSI, EF_MSISDN, K-Key and OPC. The UL M2M Server Simulator provides different connectivity options for transport of the ES5 and ES8 traffic; the UL Network Simulator, Customer Network Simulator or the real cellular network.