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UL launches Self-Test Platform to accelerate EMV® 3-D Secure adoption

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UL to facilitate market adoption of 3-D Secure with an enhanced version of UL’s Self-Test Platform that streamlines the process of testing and approval of 3-D Secure components by making it scalable, user-friendly and web-based.

Following the recent announcement by EMVCo, UL, the industry leader in interconnected and cashless solutions, today announced the launch of a versatile web-based platform to support ecosystem stakeholders in advancing the next generation of 3-D Secure.

Based on the latest EMV® 3-D Secure Specification, this new web-based test platform provides an environment where product providers, PSPs, merchants and issuers can perform tests, while they are building and enhancing their 3-D Secure components. Moreover, stakeholders can request approval services from UL’s 3DS Testing Laboratory through the platform, cutting down their time-to-market and reducing process complexity.

The platform provides a one-stop EMV® 3-D Secure implementation and certification solution. The platform has been validated by a number of beta customers this spring and is now available to all players wishing to implement EMV® 3-D Secure in a more automated, user-friendly and scalable way.

Isabelle Noblanc, Vice President & General Manager of UL Identity Management & Security, said: “We are very proud to be the first to launch this robust testing platform and laboratory for approval services. This all-in-one solution ensures security, performance and user experience for all stakeholders implementing the EMV® 3-D Secure technology. It greatly contributes to our promise to empower trust in an interconnected and cashless world.”

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EMV 3-D Secure - Enhancing Security and User Experience in e-commerce

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