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UL eMRTD Test Tool

Security testing for ePassports, eID cards, Biometric Residence Permits

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Protect against security threats

UL eMRTD Test Tool is a state-of-the-art tool for testing the conformity of ePassports, eID cards, Biometric Residence Permits and other eMRTDs to ICAO, SAC and EU EAC standards. UL eMRTD Test Tool is meant to perform chip application protocol tests (functional security and command tests) and chip application data tests (personalization validation) in several stages of eMRTD development and issuing projects.

Interoperability of electronically-enabled Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs) and Inspection Systems is critical. Failing eMRTDs form a threat to security, and may harm the citizen’s trust and the credibility of both Issuing and Inspection Authorities. Moreover, replacement of documents or upgrading of inspection systems implies serious financial and operational consequences. To prevent from such problems, high quality eMRTDs, as well as issuing and inspection systems need to be deployed. The use of a test tool can assist in achieving the required level of quality.

UL eMRTD Test Tool can be used as:

  • Test tool during chip application development
  • Test tool during chip personalization development
  • (Pre-)certification test tool during chip application and personalization development
  • System integration test tool during issuing systems setup
  • Quality assurance test tool during personalization operations