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UL Card Simulator

Complete card simulation tool to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices

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Flexible and easy to use

UL Card Simulator is the most complete card simulation tool for Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Merchants and Terminal Vendors that want to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices.

The UL Card Simulator simulates the real behavior of a contact or contactless EMV card without the need for any physical cards. It simplifies the terminal testing procedure in various ways, mainly by eliminating the dependency on EMV issuers and schemes for physical test cards.

UL Card Simulator is a state-of-the-art tool that can simulate any and all functions of an actual smart card, both contact and contactless. The tool simulates card profiles for all major payment schemes. It can simulate both correctly functional cards and faulty cards, which allows you to observe the terminal’s behavior during a card transaction and whether it reacts in the correct way. UL Card Simulator generates detailed and clear reports of any testing, including logs and interpretations of all technical data in commands and responses. The tool works in conjunction with the industry-proven hardware UL SmartLink Box (contact) and UL SmartWave Box (contactless) and UL SmartStripe (magnetic stripe).