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UL to advance Google Pay transactions acceptance

UL is proud to announce, in partnership with Google, the release of the UL Brand Test Tool (BTT) Google Pay Module, to help ensure seamless acceptance of Google Pay transactions.

To prevent acceptance problems with Google Pay devices during a payment in-store, UL added a new testing module to the UL Brand Test Tool to help ensure merchants and acquirers can accept Google Pay transactions.

The Google Pay Module can be used to test the acceptance of Google Pay before releasing a new or updated solution to production. The testing coverage includes card images from all four major schemes; Visa, Mastercard (including PayPal), American Express and Discover. The test cases ensure the terminal/ECR can process credit and debit transactions, as well as ensures common issues are not occurring.

Isabelle Noblanc, Vice President & General Manager at UL Identity Management & Security, said: “We are very pleased with this important collaboration with Google, which tests for compliance and interoperability for all stakeholders accepting Google Pay. This greatly contributes to our aim to support our  customers to implement resilient measures that guarantee regulatory compliance, maintain customer trust and increase market access.”

With our deep knowledge of the payment ecosystem, UL helps clients with product and business model strategy & definition, test simulation and certification to reduce risks and accelerate time to revenue


For more information, please speak with a UL Expert or visit  Google Pay Module - UL Brand Test Tool.