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UL accredited by Discover® Global Network to perform card personalization validation services (CPV)

Leiden, the Netherlands, June 21, 2019: UL is proud to announce that Discover® Global Network has accredited UL to provide Card Personalization Validation for Discover Global Network solutions.

UL, the global leader in identity management and security, has been accredited by Discover Global Network to provide CPV for Discover Global Network solutions. CPV ensures that card products perform chip transactions in line with Discover's rules and specifications. 

Issuing debit and credit cards is a complex process. The CPV process ensures global interoperability and consistent behavior of the payment cards in the field.

Kevin Emery, Director Cybersecurity Enablement department at UL said: “UL is at the forefront of supporting numerous banks with automated solutions to answer all personalization testing needs. We are very pleased with the expansion of our Discover Global Network services portfolio, which adds to our one-stop shop strategy for the accredited certification services we offer for different brands and industry organizations. This accreditation will greatly benefit our customers, save time and efficiently launch payment innovations that meet the highest quality standards.”

As more businesses embrace digitization in a highly connected environment, UL enables them to implement resilient measures that guarantee regulatory compliance, maintain customer trust and increase market access. UL provides trusted and critical security solutions, essential for mitigating risk for an interconnected and cashless world.

UL’s advanced development and testing facilities are all equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art automated measurement equipment, and are well poised to help clients at all phases to implement the security applications provided by Discover and other service providers.

For further information please contact us.