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PSD2 - Payment Service Directive 2

UL introducing its PSD2 program to assist during every stage in the adoption of Payment Service Directive 2

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Are you ready for PSD2?

The changing regulatory landscape, with PSD2 in effect, adds a new layer to the already complex rules about what banks can do with their data. PSD2 has profound implications for payment service providers, banks, their vendors and third party provider. The regulation imposes significant operational and technological changes to banks and their vendors requiring to open banks’ APIs to third party providers.

At UL we offer a PSD2 program to assist banks, their vendors and third party providers during every stage of your PSD2 adoption.

Be aware

  • Do you know everything about PSD2?
  • Do you know your strategic and implementation options?
  • Do you know how to deal with the current and future implementation challenges?

Be ready

  • Do you know how to implement your solution?
  • Do you know how to choose an API vendor in this variety of options on the market?
  • Is your authentication solution secure and future proof?

Be compliant

  •  Are you sure you are compliant with PSD2?


Be Aware

Banks, their vendors and third party providers need to understand PSD2 in detail, recognize their opportunities and be aware of potential pitfalls.

  • UL offers a full day, deep-dive training that helps our clients to build their knowledge around PSD2 and to understand how to prepare for and take advantage of the new regulation.
  • UL also offers individually tailored masterclasses helping our clients to decide on strategic options and technical implementations. 

Be Ready

Banks and their vendors must have their implementation in place. UL supports our clients during adoption of PSD2 requirements including

  • Open API strategy and implementation
  • Vendor selection
  • Updates to operational and technical processes

Be Compliant
Banks, their vendors and third party providers must be compliant with PSD2.

UL offers a PSD2 evaluation program to assess compliance with PSD2. This program includes:

  • Functional adherence to the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and common and secure open standards of communication
  • Security assessment of banks and vendors solution to ensure compliancy with PSD2
  • Procedures review required in RTS on SCA and CSC
  • Independent audit on risk and security measures implemented

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