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GSMA Machine-To-Machine Masterclass

IoT is evolving into becoming the revolution after the Internet and the mobile internet, but how can your business use the opportunity?

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GSMA Machine-To-Machine Masterclass

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently taking shape and embarking on a huge growth path towards the future. It truly promises to become the next revolution after the Internet and the mobile internet. It is estimated that for every person on the planet there will be at least five connected devices by 2020.

One of the enablers is ubiquitous connectivity. Mobile network operators view the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) segment of IoT as a huge growth area for them. To enable this growth they are realizing that they must also facilitate the large-scale remote management of these devices. This is where the embedded SIM (eUICC) plays an important role. At its core, eUICC enables remote provisioning of SIM profiles, which means that the Service Provider (SP) can switch mobile network subscription without a SIM swap.

However, what does this mean for your business? How to leverage the opportunities? What are the impact to legacy systems, and security threats when implementing a M2M solution? In order to make an educated decision, you need knowledge and UL’s detailed technical training course covering all the details of GSMA’s M2M technologies. It is designed to do that for you via theory, logs and hands on time with the UL test tools to actually download real profiles on real eUICCs.