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Strengthening automation software security in Industry 4.0

Security by design

Connectivity and automation help the industrial and automation environment to be more energy efficient, safe
and functional. But it also increases risk. Networks of connected smart, automated devices, all exchanging critical data, provide numerous attack vectors ripe for exploitation by malicious hackers, along with increased consequences for simple human errors.

Hardening the security of remote monitoring and control platform solutions requires a proactive and tactical approach to both risk management and security, with protections built upfront into the product development process. This approach to reducing cyber risks is known as security by design. It is utilized by Carlo Gavazzi, a multinational electronics group, to secure its innovative and reliable industrial and building automation solutions. It’s a strategy that enhances trust across the entire lifecycle of the solution, for all stakeholders.

Building trust, UL's security solution

Carlo Gavazzi’s comprehensive range of products incorporate stringent security protections. The company had already implemented the security by design approach, focusing on a security management system specific for industrial and building automation, when they came to UL for an independent review of their connected solutions’ security.

UL provided Carlo Gavazzi with a customized workshop on industry standards, including IEC 62443, and security frameworks. The workshop increased the company’s organizational knowledge on product security and provided actionable insights for further strengthening the security of their offerings. UL’s ability to test and assess innovative new technologies was a big benefit to Carlo Gavazzi,

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