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PSD2 - Payment Service Directive 2

UL introducing its PSD2 program to assist during every stage in the adoption of Payment Service Directive 2

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Are you ready for PSD2?

At UL, we offer a PSD2 program to assist banks, their vendors and third party providers during every stage of your PSD2 adoption.

The changing regulatory landscape, with PSD2 in effect, adds a new layer to the already complex rules about what banks can do with their data. PSD2 has profound implications for payment service providers, banks, their vendors and third party provider. The regulation imposes significant operational and technological changes to banks and their vendors requiring to open banks’ APIs to third party providers.


UL PSD2 Solution is designed to help you achieve compliance to the EU regulation that includes requirements on strong customer authentication and Open Banking API.

As the EU regulation must be followed by all member states by September 2019, UL is your end-to-end partner through the following offerings:

Education & Strategy - Be Aware

  • Training Academy on PSD2 and Open Banking API
  • Snapshot of the client's business and technical situation 
  • Strategy roadmap definition
  • Gap analysis

Design & Implementation - Be Ready

  • Elicitation of business requirements and business use cases
  • Support in vendor selection process
  • Solution design and integration for the current architecture
  • UX impact analysis
  • Security Architecture design
  • IT and business alignment

Testing & Validation - Be Assured

  • PSD2 Compliance validation 
  • Test plan definition
  • Security and vulnerability assessment
  • Test execution


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