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Recapping Money20/20 Europe 2018

Last week UL attended Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, bringing together key leading experts from across the world of FinTech to share market insight and explore new opportunities that may change the world of finance.

During 2018’s edition, UL had the opportunity to be on stage four times:

•           Moderating a discussion of leading banks and FinTechs on how regulation impacts banking business models and if it can spur bank innovation.

•           Moderating a session on POS disruption and discussing how the shift from payments to a commerce experience is affecting the way that payments are being done, both in-store and remotely.

•           Announcement slot where UL has introduced the UL 3DS Self-Test Platform – a complete, configurable and versatile SAAS platform that provides the ability to simulate the entire new EMV 3D-Secure ecosystem.

•           Leading a Q&A session on PIN entry on commercial off-the-shelf devices, zooming in on the benefits of software PIN entry, sharing best practices for building your own PIN on glass solutions, and how its application could be much broader than payments.

UL Team Money2020

Over 470 speakers shared their vision on how banks can renew their infrastructure, cooperate with FinTechs, and learn how to move at Silicon Valley speed, while meeting the strict requirements demanded by regulators.

It was a fun-filled three days in Amsterdam and we are excited to share our observations from the show with you in the below post-event report, by clicking the image or in here.

UL Report Money2020

Written by: Anna Lyubchenko