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Issuing and Personalization

Pre-validation and certification test tools, EMV migration test tools, compliance & interoperability services

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Interoperable & Complaint

The twin market forces of continuous technology innovation and relentless consumer demand are creating a dynamic and ever-evolving cards market. When it comes to issuing (EMV cards, smart cards/HCE, tokens, or other form factors) and personalization of card data, you are challenged to comply with constantly changing rules to maintain a high level of security and interoperability. 

Rely on UL as your single point of contact; we provide pre-validation and certification test tools, EMV migration test tools, compliance & interoperability services on behalf of the major payment schemes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Union Pay International) and strategic technical guidance through EMV migrations or mobile payments implementations, including HCE.

Key Benefits

  • We help you, as an acquirer, get more card products launched to market faster and at lower cost and ensure your card products are of higher quality and perform better in the field. We assist you efficiently manage product updates and scheme compliance throughout the full lifecycle. We guide you mitigate the risk from infield card product failure and reduce the cost of bringing a product to market and maintaining it.