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Mobile Network Operators

UL delivers solutions for secure mobile payments, M2M and eUICC

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Trusted expertise

Consumers are spending more time and money on their mobile devices. As we move toward cashless societies, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) must implement mechanisms which improve customer experience and maintain trust.

UL’s proven global experts are leaders in areas such as mobile payments, M2M and eUICC. We ease the complexities of evaluating, architecting and deploying secure interoperable devices. This requires a level of simplicity around managing and testing profiles otherwise unavailable to the market. UL’s trusted expertise help mobile network operators navigate this complex and interconnected world.


    Core Operator Solutions

    All Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and many Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) need to perform final acceptance testing (also known as BAP Testing) on the SIM card profiles and eSIM profiles that they have ordered from their SIM or eSIM vendor before they are launched into the market.

    The primary objective of BAP Testing solutions and services offered by UL is to accelerate the final acceptance of the SIM Card profile or the eSIM profile supplied by each card vendor and thus time to market. This results in saving time and effort for MNOs and MVNOs.

    UL offer 3 different solutions for BAP Testing:

    BAP Testing
    1. Self-BAP Testing  - customers purchase the tools themselves and perform Self-BAP Testing with training and assistance from UL
    2. Custom BAP Testing - UL develop test scripts to test applications and MNO or MVNO service behaviour based on customer specifications then the customer again performs the BAP testing themselves with training and assistance from UL
    3. Fully Hosted BAP Testing - UL fully host the BAP testing as a combination of Self-Test and Custom BAP Testing in the Basingstoke lab performed by our experienced test experts.