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How to Support PSD2-related Mandate for SCA: Single-Tap and PIN Request Processing Rules

For Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) certification, Single-Tap and PIN Request processing rules support the PSD2-related mandate of Strong Cardholder Authentication (SCA) experience.

SCA is a requirement derived from EU Payment Services Directive version 2 (PSD-2) on payment service providers (PSP) within the European Economic Area (EEA). To comply with this PSD2 SCA requirement, Mastercard has introduced Single-Tap and PIN request processing for contactless online transactions performed on point-of-sales (POS) terminals in EEA countries. UL can help with terminal testing to comply with the Single-Tap Mandate.

The Single-Tap and PIN request is performed by a card during contactless low-value transaction (LVT) when the issuer host requests SCA due to tracking Article 11 exemptions outlined in PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) regarding SCA. For cards that support SCA, when the counter or accumulator of Article 11 exemption has reached its limit of contactless LVT, the cardholder will be requested to enter Online PIN at the PIN terminal instead of tapping the card again or performing a contact chip and PIN transaction. To accommodate this type of transaction, POS terminals in EEA that support Contactless Online PIN are now mandated to support Single-Tap transactions. Note that the mandate to support single tap and PIN request transactions has differing deadlines per country. Further information on the implementation date can be obtained from Mastercard connect or UL’s experts at [email protected].

Many terminals have passed testing and received M-TIP certification and are already deployed in the market. However, the Single-Tap mandate has already been in place for some countries in Europe, for instance, Central and Eastern European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. For terminals that have previously successfully passed M-TIP certifications and now wish to add the support of Single Tap PIN Request, these terminals need to be certified with Fast-Track M-TIP (Mastercard Bulletin No. 100). This can only be carried out if the other Fast-Track conditions are met. Moreover, additional test cases applicable for the Single Tap PIN Request must be executed.

If you are in need of support with terminal testing to comply with the Single-Tap Mandate, please reach out to [email protected]. For Fast-track M-TIP certification, Fast-Track prerequisites, single tap mandate deadline and validation of test results, please reach out to our team at [email protected].