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HCE & Cloud Based Payments

At UL, we advise and train you on HCE and cloud-based payments.

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Cloud-based payments enable you to perform NFC card emulation without using a hardware Secure Element (SE) in mobile handsets. 

HCE, or cloud-based payments when looking at it from a broader perspective, gives banks and other service providers the freedom to act independently from MNOs and OEMs (in the case of eSE). It gives banks even more freedom to convergence mobile banking and mobile payment applications. 

MNOs, banks, and other service providers now have the option besides a Secure Element to take on the mobile payments opportunity. But how does this impact your product proposition, market uptake, effort and costs required to implement a cloud-based solution, instead of using hardware such as an SE?

Cloud-based payments can be implemented through cloud-based security and tokenization.

What should be tokenized for HCE, what systems are involved, and are there new roles in the ecosystem related to that? And what exactly do schemes like Visa and Mastercard have to say about all of this? 

While service providers (SPs) rely on virtual card issuance. As there are different approaches towards implementing mobile payments, SPs may not know which route is the best one to take.

Risk management, time-to-market, and scope in terms of which handsets to cover for instance are just a few things to assess when considering implementing mobile payments. And whether to include additional services such as mobile ECR, stock keeping, analytics and e-Receipts has to be considered as well.


  • UL's advisors offer insights into the latest innovations and market trends to help clients understand their options.
  • We guide you along the way of different implementations and approaches (HCE, cloud-based), and assess the risks involved in your chosen implementation.
  • Whatever stage of the project you are in, UL can play a role from the start, or step in when your project is already in a further stage.