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FAQs - Mastercard Profile Advisor

Mastercard Profile Advisor is a new rule-based expert system supporting issuers in the definition of their personalization profiles. Profile Advisor helps you create a profile that meets both your business requirements and Mastercard rules and requirements.

Below the answers to the questions asked during UL’s webinar on Mastercard Profile Advisor on 13 December 2018 are provided.

  1. How to obtain the Mastercard Profile Advisor tool? 

    Download the Profile Advisor software installation package from Mastercard Connect > Publications > Chip Information Center. 
    The latest rule set (.tsec) is also available via Mastercard Connect, or could be requested from our team at [email protected] 
  2.  Are standard profiles supported in Profile Advisor? 

    Profile Advisor does include support of all standard profiles via defining corresponding high-level characteristics in business intention questions. Mapping of questions to characteristics of standard profiles can be found in Help page of Profile Advisor tool. 
    Your answers to the questions in Profile Advisor will allow the tool to generate recommended profile tuned further towards your requirements. 
    Please reach out to mastercard.[email protected] or your sales representative if you require support with definition of your business requirements.

  3. Do we need to update our PVT tool to use with Profile Advisor?

    You can use your PVT tool (for example, UL EMV PVT) in the same way with Profile Advisor as previously with other profile forms. To convert the profile file generated by Profile Advisor into the format supported by PVT tools (add-on files, or full data export for your personalization bureau), you can use the Mastercard Profile Converter tool. This companion tool is also available for issuers via Mastercard Connect.

  4. How can issuers handle customized settings?

    Profile Advisor supports several levels of customization of your profile. After configuring application based on high-level business intention questions, you can proceed with fine-tuning your profile in advance configuration settings. Based on additional options selected, recommended profile will be generated. 

  5. Once profile status is generated, can I still make changes to the profile?

    Yes. Once profile status is “generated”, you can save the profile, export corresponding data for further use, or submit for CPV. If further edits are needed for the profile after that, you can simply return to the corresponding questions. Profile will be re-generated to take your updates into account.

  6. Is there a way to transfer the values from previous profile forms (for example, M/Chip Advance Profile Generator) to Profile Advisor? 

    Currently, there is no automated way to transfer profiles from previous forms to Profile Advisor. Our team at [email protected] will be glad to assist you with migration of your profile between forms as part of pre-certification support. 

  7. Will it be possible to import old profiles I defined previously when a new version of Profile Advisor is released?

    Yes. You can open your existing profile in Profile Advisor and make necessary modifications in the tool. If there is a newer rule set available, after it is configured in the tool, Profile Advisor will propose you to update the profile you are opening to the newest rule set version. 
    For the current rule set versions, please check Mastercard Connect, or request our team at [email protected]

  8. Are there any best practices concerning deviations from the profile defined with Profile Advisor? 

    We advise to avoid deviation from the profile. Profile Advisor relies on the rule sets defined by Mastercard for generating the recommended profiles, taking into account up-to-date requirements and mandates. 
    In profile overview, Profile Advisor provides comments which tag values may deviate from the values defined in the tool or should be further defined by the issuer. For other tags, deviation from the profile is strongly advised against: from our experience, such deviation usually indicates that your card is personalized not in accordance with either Mastercard requirements or your business intentions defined in the profile. 
    In case you have doubts about your profile or card personalization against the profile prior to CPV, we can support you with additional checks. Reach out to your sales representative or our team at [email protected], and we will scope the most fitted solution for your project. 

  9. Does the Profile Advisor contain features for PSD2 regulations (for the EU market)?

    For the EU market, Profile Advisor supports selection of additional risk management options for handling no CVM transactions. Profile Advisor supports the 6 PSD-2 profiles that have been defined in the ‘M/Chip Advance PSD2 RTS on SCA Issuer Guidelines’ manual.
    For arranging support in defining which options are best suitable for your profiles, including your profiles with other brands, please reach out to your sales representative or contact us via [email protected]

  10. How to support multi-application cards in Profile Advisor?

    Profile Advisor supports definition of up to 4 Mastercard-branded profiles co-residing on one payment device. You can select required additional applications in the profile settings group of questions, and then configure applications one by one.

  11. Does Profile Advisor have any impact on the current CNS process?

    Use of Profile Advisor in your CPV does not have impact on the CNS process.

  12. Is it possible to define a certain value for the tag directly?

    Rule-based expert system of Profile Advisor is aimed at generating appropriate values for the corresponding tags in your profile, consistent with business intents and Mastercard requirements. 
    UL can support you with mapping of the desired value to the corresponding questions, and check requested values against specifications. 

  13. Are Data Structures catered for in the tool?

    Similar to previous profile forms for CPV, record structures are left for issuers to define. UL may support you with the definition of the file maps, if required – please reach out to your sales representative for details.
  14. Can UL do pre-validation of my profile in Profile Advisor before I send UL a card sample? 
    Paper review for Profile Advisor is not offered within CPV: profiles defined with this tool are consistent with recommendations from Mastercard, so review of the profile would not have any added value for you in scope of CPV. 
    UL can provide you with support prior to CPV in reviewing your profile against your business requirements and/or personalization documents from your personalization bureau, as part of Chip Profile Definition service. Please reach out to your sales representative for more details