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European Commission and UL collaborate to empowering trust in the next generation Smart Tachograph system

The Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, and UL, center of excellence in identity management and security, are proud to announce the successful go-live of the European Root Certification Authority (ERCA), marking successful collaboration to safeguard the digital security of the next generation Smart Tachograph.

UL is delighted to support the JRC with the implementation and operationalization of the systems and processes for the ERCA, heart of the public key infrastructure (PKI) for the Smart Tachograph system. As part of the introduction of the Smart Tachograph, the cryptographic security system was completely re-designed to bring it up-to-date with the state of the art. Prior to the current support, UL successfully delivered a security framework, technical security specifications (as part of the Smart Tachograph Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/799), and Common Criteria Protection Profiles for the system.

The Tachograph is a pan-European system for recording of driving, working and rest times in commercial vehicles. It aims at safeguarding minimum working conditions for professional drivers, increasing road safety, and enhancing fair competition in transport. To be deployed from 2019, the Smart Tachograph is the successor of the Digital Tachograph, which is currently operational in all EU Member States and in non-EU Contracting Parties to the United Nations’ AETR Agreement.

The Smart Tachograph system is based on in-vehicle recording equipment and involves the electronic identification of professional drivers, transport companies, workshop employees and law enforcement officers. The entities in the Tachograph ecosystem mutually authenticate and are trusted under a dedicated Public Key Infrastructure, managed by the ERCA. 

For over a decade, UL has actively contributed to the Tachograph community. UL provides state-of-the-art Tachograph test tools and services, and supported the standardization and specification of the Digital and Smart Tachograph. UL’s advanced test tools have proven to be of high quality for Tachograph component testing, and are utilized by the JRC, Member State authorities and leading Tachograph solution providers.

“It’s an honor to be a part of this pan-European initiative which improves road safety. The Smart Tachograph is a complex electronic recording and identification system, in which security, compliance and inter-Member State interoperability are critical. The JRC plays a pivotal role in facilitating these aspects. We are proud of the successful collaboration with the JRC towards the timely go-live of the ERCA systems, laying the fundament for trust in the new Smart Tachograph system.” said Isabelle Noblanc, Vice President & General Manager at UL. “We are looking forward to successfully continuing our partnership with the JRC and the Tachograph stakeholder community. And beyond – as security technologies are being deployed in the mobility domain, empowering trust in an interconnected world.”

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