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EMV in Transit - Open Loop Ticketing


Using your bank card in public transport

The mobile, payment and transit worlds are converging. Across the globe many transit schemes are upgrading their acceptance infrastructure to allow travelers to pay with a contactless EMV payment card, rather than the traditional transit-specific card.

The benefits of EMV in Transit are clear: hurdle-free use of public transport for anyone with a contactless payment card, reducing issuance of transit specific cards, and savings in a dedicated top-up infrastructure. The challenges are also clear: meeting transit-grade transaction times, complying to various payment regulations, and defining a good business case and migration strategy.

UL guides public transport operators, issuers, acquirers and ticketing schemes to realize EMV in Transit from the initial decision making to go-live and beyond.



Transit authorities and operators can leverage UL’s extensive knowledge in EMV technology. Our technical experts have been involved in EMV implementations for the payment world globally for over a decade. UL provides end-to-end transaction security expertise to help ensure that theclient’s transaction technology is secure, compliant, interoperable and offers a greatcustomer experience.

At UL we help you understand the different technologies and industry trends, so that you can implement new technologies in the fastest waypossible offering more value to your customers. You can rely on our knowledge tosupport you in making the right choices for your business.

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