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Council to Secure the Digital Economy Releases New Reports on Cyber Crisis Response and IoT Security

In advance of the annual DHS Cybersecurity Summit, UL together with leading international communications and information technology enterprises outline coordinated responses to address international security standards for IoT devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are transforming the way consumers live, work and play, but with this unprecedented connectivity and innovation comes an increased risk of cyberattack and malicious activity. With an estimated 20 billion IoT connected devices in service by 2020, the cyberattack surface is substantial and growing. 

In this guide, CSDE brings together a group of 20 major cybersecurity and technology organizations, including UL, and their technical experts in an unprecedented effort to develop a consensus set of security capabilities for the rapidly growing IoT marketplace. 
The C2 Consensus provides guidance to industry and government on important security capabilities that IoT devices need in order to meet the market’s expectations for security and to harmonize policies around the world – an approach that will be more effective than local initiatives that would fragment security protocols, increase inefficiency and ultimately result in weaker security.

For more information or to view the C2 Consensus document on on IoT Security Baseline Capabilities, click here.


C2 Consensus doc