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Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation

ISO/IEC 15408 - The most widely recognized in IT security validation

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Common Criteria certificate - on time and on budget

International hacking scandals are putting the spotlight on countries' security loopholes and weakness. With many governments calling for higher security, their requirements for secure IT products are increasingly stringent.  

UL was one of the first laboratories involved in the European Common Approval Scheme for Point-Of-Interaction devices. Today, UL is an accredited Common Criteria IT Security Evaluation Facility - providing advisory and evaluation services to help IT vendors successfully complete security evaluations.

Fortune 1000 companies choose UL for our customer responsiveness, proven expertise and security knowledge.


What is Common Criteria?

The Common Criteria facilitates mutual recognition of evaluation and certification results of Information Technology products. Now recognized as the ISO/IEC 15408, it defines a common set of security functions to establish that IT products adhere to international regulatory requirements.

As a Common Criteria IT Security Evaluation Facility, UL is committed to helping you get your products to market in the most efficient way - regardless of the complexity of your design and choice of technology.