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Card Brand Certifications eLearning Course

Learn all that there is about payment terminal card brand certifications.

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Card Brand Certifications eLearning Course

Payment terminals must obtain several certifications to be able to accept payments from the various global payment card brands, such as Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club International, Discover, American Express, Union Pay International and JCB. Knowledge of payment terminal certifications is essential for a successful and effective payment terminal deployment. This unique, 60-minute, self-paced eLearning course has been created by some of the most experienced experts in the payments industry to teach you all the basics of a successful payment terminal card brand certification process.

This simple-to-understand, well-structured and self-paced eLearning module is not too technical so it will appeal to a wide audience and provide a broad understanding of the topic.


What you will learn

  • Gain an overview of the certifications required for a payment terminal
  • Obtain knowledge of the roles in and the process of a payment terminal deployment certification
  • Gain an insight of the role of test tools with specific guidance on the role of UL’s Brand Test Tool
  • Understand the flow of a payment terminal card brand certification
  • Learn practical tips about payment terminal EMVCo Level 3 payment card brand certifications

Key topics

  • Basics of payment terminal architecture
  • Review of certifications needed for a successful payment terminal deployment
  • Overview of payment terminal EMVCo Level 3 brand certifications
  • How UL can help you with payment terminal certification projects

Who should attend?

  • Test managers
  • Project managers
  • Test analysts
  • Developers from payment terminal vendors, payment processors and acquirers
  • No special skills are required to attend this class, but knowledge of the EMVCo standards and the payment industry landscape are beneficial