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Horizon 3 Innovation

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H3: Collaborative Innovation

Horizon 3 (H3) embodies UL's collaborative approach to innovation. If you believe in partnering to create innovations that change the world, then we invite you to join H3. Let's work together to accelerate innovation.

Join H3 and collaborate with UL to create joint value. You can submit an innovative idea to get started.

H3 is currently focused on innovations around these challenges, but we welcome any innovative ideas that help better our interconnected world.

Risk Based IAA

Focused on innovations that use a data centric approach as an input for risk based identification, authentication and authorization. This is a call for collaboration where solutions have more than one data source. How can we manage the complexity and disparity of information available to manage risk based engines of the future? This involves new tools (AI, machine learning and APIs), new platforms (in the cloud) and new players.

Automation & Autonomous

A new way of working, where we don’t focus on artificial intelligence, but rather on enhanced intelligence. This is a call to collaborate with tools that can help automate, like robots, bots and machine learning. The second layer is on the interface with natural cognitive language based inputs (you don’t learn the computer’s language, the computer learns your language) and the ethical dilemma and security around autonomous systems.

Secure Supply Chain

As software is taking an increasingly important role in our solutions brought to the market, we need innovations to optimize  how components and software are built and managed as a key aspect for managing risk. These innovations should recognize the software supply chain as the foundation to mitigate the risks and security vulnerabilities.