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Horizon 3 - Collaborative Innovation

Partnering to build a better interconnected world

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Think. Experiment. Validate.

Horizon 3 (H3) embodies UL's collaborative approach to innovation. Through H3, we partner with innovative businesses of all sizes to accelerate experimentation and find growth opportunities within an environment of extreme uncertainty.

H3 is about making a difference. UL was not created to bring profit to shareholders. Our mission is about people and saving lives, everything else follows.

If you believe in partnering to create innovations that change the world, then we invite you to join H3. Let's work together to accelerate innovation.

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People are our biggest asset. We believe in their ability to innovate and add tremendous value. It is crucial to think ahead and keep re-inventing but we can’t do it alone. Collaboration is crucial. UL’s mission is to make the world a safer place, and H3 is here to provide structure, alignment and an open environment.

  • Isabelle Noblanc UL identity management and security vice president Isabelle Noblanc
  • UL VP & GM - Identity Management & Security

H3 - Start with the WHY?

We can’t innovate in isolation. Our world is global, digital and fast-moving with a high degree of uncertainty. Innovation requires connectivity, easy access to information and customer-centricity. 

It’s not about creating new technologies but driving business value. The H3 mindset is to bring process, governance and most importantly transparency to maximize success.

Innovate with us

Our strategy is to accelerate innovation through collaboration, tackling complexity and disruption together with our customers and partners. Our success depends on you, whether you are an individual, a UL employee, a university, a small business or a corporation. As our world is getting increasingly interconnected, the fastest progress comes from working together: partnering for mutual value!

  • Arman Aygen
  • UL Strategy & Innovation Manager

Accelerated Innovation & Design Thinking

H3 is UL’s portal to the future, built on design thinking and build-measure-learn models. We celebrate successful pivots in the experimentation loop, learning from each sprint to get closer to success.

You are not alone. H3 will provide a support structure with coaching, tools & commitment. You do not need to code or build anything to start experimenting. By presenting simple mock-up and flows, collaborators have the opportunity to experience your concept and give valuable feedback.

These behavioral insights can save time and money in development by validating assumptions before building any prototype.


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