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UL is looking for new talent year-round to strengthen the team.

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UL is seen as the benchmark of trust and delivers peace of mind to business, governments and consumers all over the world. When working for UL’s Transaction Security division, you are involved in helping businesses ensuring their products, systems and technology implementations are up to the right level of security, are compliant with all the rules and regulations, and work properly everywhere, at any time.

As the electronic transactions industry is fast-growing and continuously evolving, UL is looking for new talent year-round to strenghten the team. Apart from providing great opportunities for associates to enter the work force and develop their expertise, we also offer many senior position in the mobile payments, transit and data security domains. We typically look for software developers, test analysts and technical consultants.

UL provides a positive and challenging environment with enthusiastic, result driven, ambitious employees aiming to grow personally and professionally and further build UL to be even more successful. Our work has great, worldwide influence as we are involved in innovative projects such as banking solutions, transit projects or government initiatives.

We offer a wide range of job opportunities from entry level (Associates) to senior positions (Professionals) around the globe. We offer jobs in our offices anywhere in the world and jobs that allow you to travel the world to visit customers with a “home base” in one of our offices.

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