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About UL, leaders in Identity Management & Security

Empowering trust for an interconnected and cashless world

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With a focus on today’s realities and tomorrow’s needs, UL provides the trusted and critical security expertise that is required in an interconnected and cashless world. Governments and organizations rely on UL as a trusted partner.

Our security and identity management expertise enable businesses to implement innovations that guarantee regulatory compliance, maintain customer trust and increase market access.  As the leading safety and security authority, UL works with governments, industry associations, and businesses to rethink security. Globally, over 10,000 organizations rely on UL. Our marks appear on more than 22 billion products around the world.

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"UL has been an important partner in the development of our mobile payments product; their proven expertise has been crucial to make sure Swisscom keeps focus on quality and complies with industry standards, thus developing a state-of-the-art product." -- Sachin Mittal, Swisscom