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UL Training Courses

Welcome to the UL Training Academy

Each day our world becomes more interconnected. Consumers and businesses are excited — and in some cases, a little wary — about the digitization of so many aspects of our lives, such as our devices, payments, vehicles and homes.

At UL, we play a significant role in trusted security and identity management solution projects across industries and the world. We work with banks, financial services companies, manufacturers, retailers, transit operators, governments, regulators, payment schemes and various industry bodies to empower innovation. We are dedicated to helping make our connected world safer, more secure and sustainable.

Our advisors, analysts and engineers leverage their real-world industry experience to make our courses as interactive, effective and straightforward as possible. Our existing courses are frequently updated to keep up with regulatory and market changes, and our new courses are designed to reflect the latest developments, trends and technologies. We aim to help you, your team and your company enhance your existing skill sets and technical knowledge and learn what you need to stay well ahead of the innovation curve.

Our course modules provide comprehensive coverage and step-by-step, in-depth technical sessions that include practical examples of the broader business implications of deploying new technology solutions. The courses are designed to help you and your team easily relate the material to your own experiences and needs, and build industry-relevant skills that can be used in critical projects. 

For nearly two decades, we have been sharing knowledge through the UL Training Academy. During this time, we have provided more than 1,000 courses and workshops, and our trainers, materials and customized approach have consistently been rated between good and excellent.

Interested in learning? Contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you. you and your team with the focus directly on your specific business and technical requirements.

All courses can be followed separately. However, to gain complete knowledge on specific subjects, certain courses are can bundled.

Contact us to arrange a training or visit our events page for for a schedule of upcoming Open Training Courses.