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UL has been listed as a Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) and Customer Security Programme (CSP) assessment provider by SWIFT

14 August 2018 --- The SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) was established to support the financial industry's fight against cyber-attacks by improving information sharing throughout the banking community, enhance SWIFT-related tools and to provide a customer security control framework. All SWIFT customers need to re-attest and confirm full compliance with the mandatory security controls by the end of 2018.

As a CSSP and a CSP assessment provider, UL is prepared to help address cyber security challenges with financial institutions and help them comply with the mandatory controls.

 "Providing cyber security services under the SWIFT CSP is a logical extension to our growing cyber security business. We look forward to helping out clients in the Banking sector increase cyber resilience and ensure compliance to the controls established by SWIFT," said Low Yao Yang, Global Director for Security at UL.

For enquiries, please contact us.

SWIFT does not certify, warrant, endorse or recommend any service provider listed in its directory and SWIFT customers are not required to use providers listed in the directory.